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Mizaj Sanj is an online platform for providing scientific temperament tests. It works under the supervision of persian medicine specialists (traditional medicine) and university faculty members. The tests available on Mizaj Sanj site are based on academic questionnaires, which are often taken from theses and academic articles. These tests are the result of scientific extraction of hundreds of questions designed in the field of determining temperament using statistical methods.

Key Features Of Mizaj Sanj

– Scientifically validated temperament tests
– Based on the questionnaire and academic research
– Easy to use and understand
– Provides personalized health care instructions
– Provides about your temperamental strengths and weakness

Need A Standardized Temperament Test

There are many indicators for determining temperament in traditional Iranian medicine books. But summarizing them and determining the final mood for the general public is a difficult task and requires a standard questionnaire form. Based on this form, one can determine the temperament with relative certainty and then follow the health maintenance instructions specific to that temperament. Although various forms of temperament determination are currently used, they lack scientific validity.